In December 2014, I launched a crowdfunding campaign for "I Am Favela." The multimedia project reached its initial $3,000 goal in two weeks and is now in full production.

Each month, "I Am Favela" will feature one character-driven narrative on an entrepreneur, activist or community leader who is making an impact in his or her favela. It will also include blog posts and a video essay on the featured neighborhood.

The first post on the history of Rio's favelas is already up on the Beacon Reader website. At the bottom of the page, you will have the opportunity to rate the story (in the "worth it" button) or "Make a One-Time Pledge." If you visit my Beacon page you can become a subscriber and gain access to the "I Am Favela" project and to 300 other journalists from all over the world.

To those of you who contributed to the campaign, your support is much appreciated. Those of you who wish to become new backers will help make this project grow and be eligible for great incentives, like this tote bag!


Feel free to watch the crowdfunding video below. Email me at if you have any additional questions on my latest initiative. Also, follow us on instagram at @iamfavelaproject to see some pics from our reporting.